Mothers Deserve The Best Postpartum Care.


We don’t just believe that, we want to ensure that.  And that is why Yi Xin was born (no pun intended). The ultimate aim of ours is to provide the best care possible for you and your newborn. We believe we should do our best, or don’t do it at all. This inspired us to ensure Yi Xin is awesome inside out.

First, we want to ensure we are located somewhere nice and quiet and not too far from civilisation. We found a tranquil neighbourhood within Tanjung Bungah that is far enough from the busy traffic and crowd. Next, we furnished the rooms with 5-star mattresses, high quality tables and chairs from IKEA; and made sure the entire unit is air-conditioned.

If that’s not homely enough, we make sure we hire experienced confinement ladies who will take care of all you and your newborn’s needs throughout your stay with us. Comfortable postpartum stay, with nothing but peace of mind.